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Water Pump (Branded)

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TSUNAMI PUMP SOFT- E 650W (0.9HP) Silent Booster Magnetic Variable Speed Pump ID33569

Leo XSP20-9-1.1I Sewage Submersible Pump 1.5hp 333 l/min ID33471

Leo pump XST40-200/55 Standard centrifugal pump / Horizontal tap water booster pump ID33457

LEO Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump, AMS120 /0.55kW (415V/Three Phase) ID33070

LEO AJM150L JET PUMP Pam Air Perigi ˮ [1 phase] (1.5kW/2HP) ID33408

Leo 4XRM3/7-0.37 Stainless Steel Borehole Pump 230v c/w 0.5hp Control Box ID33463

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Leo 2ACM150 Self-priming Multistage Centrifugal Pump 230vID33455

Leo ECHM4-30D-E Stainless Steel Horizontal Mulitstage Pump With Pressure Control (Automatic) ID33314

Leo 4XR12/26-5.5 Stainless Steel Borehole Pump 415v c/w 4DWT5.5 Motor & Control Box ID33412

Leo Centrifugal Manual Water Pumps AC75 AC-75 0.75kw 1hp 1" 415V ID33086

Hitachi WT-P100XS Auto Well Pump 100w ID339383

Tsunami Home Pump Water Pump CMF2-40K (0.75HP) ID997329

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Medas SA250 1" Submersible water pump/fish pond pump ID33302

Leo ECHM 4-40DE 0.75kW (1.0HP) PC Horizontal Multi-Stage Water Booster Pump ID33069



Leo ACM37 / ACM-37 Centrifugal Manual Water Pumps 0.37kw 0.5hp 1" ID33114

DAEWOO Automatic Self Priming Pump / Automatic Water Pump / Automatic Pump Air AUTO500AX -500W ID33102

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Tsunami MBA370 370W Industrial Submersible Sewage Pump ID33101

Cracked Unit- Grundfos CM 5-4PM1(CM3-4PM1) (Pressure Control System) ID116001

Leo 2AC150 Mmultistage Centrifugal Pump / Pam Air [3 phase] (1.5kW/2HP) ID33068

Tsunami HPC7160 High Pressure Cleaner 2200 ID32521

Tsunami MBA750A Submersible Pump-Auto 0.75kw-Cast Iron ID32295

Tsunami HPC6110 High Pressure Cleaner 1400watts 110Bar ID31315

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TSUNAMI HPC8130 Heavy Industrial Cleaning High Pressure Cleaner 2200w ID32422

LEO JET Water Pump AJM75S SELF-PRIMING Stainless Steel ID32006

Grundfos SCALA2 3-45 Booster Pump

Tsunami HPC7140 1800W 140 Bar High Pressure Cleaner Water Pump Water Jet Waterjet ID30993 / ID32643

Tsunami HPC7180 2200W 170Bar Heavy Duty Pressure Jet Washer ID30871

Tsunami Sewage Submersible Pump MBF1500T 1.5kW 2hp 415V ID31007

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PGaugex1 6 way 2.0" valve 2.0" union setx3 ID30620

PGaugex1 6 way 1.5" valve 1.5" union setx3 ID30619

Grundfos Wave Filter V450 dia18" Clamp 40mm ID30618

Tsunami HPC6120 High Pressure Cleaner Induction Motor 1300W 100Bar ID30547

Europa Hilt 145Bar 1900W High Pressure Cleaner Fast Extra 145 ID30541

Europa Hilt 150Bar 2200W High Pressure Cleaner Classic 150 ID30543

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