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Pressure Washer (Electric & Gasoline & Petrol)

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Hisaki JFP50D 2'' Self Priming Water Pump c.w Honda GP160 Petrol Engine ID33079

Induction High Pressure Cleaning Machine 1800W 7M Hose ID32107

MASATO MST1500 High Pressure Cleaner 1500w 90bar Induction Motor ID32629

Tsunami HPC7160 High Pressure Cleaner 2200 ID32521

COMET FW2-4030S High Pressure Water Cleaner

Benma FST30H Power Spray with 2/3hp 240v E-Motor ID32869

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PowerJet H2300 130Bar 6L/min High Pressure Cleaner/Washer 13kgs ID31997

Powerjet G3080 High Pressure Cleaner Washer (160 Bar) ID31998

Europa Hilt EH105 120bar 1300w High Pressure Cleaner Water Jet Pump ID32055 ID32062 ID32528

Powerjet H3680 High Pressure Cleaner Washer (180bar) ID31762

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Powerjet H3280 High Pressure Cleaner Washer (170bar) ID31761

Powerjet H2680 High Pressure Cleaner Washer (140bar) ID31760

Powerjet AR610 High Pressure Cleaner Washer (110 Bar) ID31759

Powerjet H2100 High Pressure Cleaner Washer (120 Bar) ID31758

Powerjet H1250 High Pressure Cleaner Washer (100 Bar) ID31757

Europower PPQ-4511 3HP Motor High Pressure Washer 50Bar Plunger Pump (Car wash) ID31994

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Benma BM220-1.2 High Pressure Cleaner ID31472

ESKO EKP-714A High Pressure Cleaner / Washer , 140BAR 7L/Min 1800W Induction Motor

ESKO EKP-610A High Pressure Cleaner / Washer , 110BAR 6.5L/Min 1400W

ESKO EKP-713I High Pressure Cleaner / Washer ,130BAR 6.5L/Min 1600W Induction Motor

ESKO EKP-817I High Pressure Cleaner / Washer, 170BAR 7.8L/Min 2500W Induction Motor

High Pressure Cleaner / Washer ESKO EKP-610I , 100BAR 6.5L/Min 1300W Induction Motor

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Benma BM-20MC 7.5kw 415v 248bar 1450rpm 88kgs High Pressure Cleaner

Benma BM-Benma BM-19ME 3.7kw 240v 180bar 2900rpm High Pressure Cleaner ID32005

Benma BM-19MB 3kw 240v 120bar 1450rpm High Pressure Cleaner ID32599

Heavy Duty Plunger Pump Frame Only ID31459

Eurox High Pressure Cleaner EHY4202 300Bar Gasoline ID31504

Benma BM201-1.2 High Pressure Cleaner 1200w 70bar ID31471

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Italy Lavor Thermic 6.5 Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners With Combustion Engine ID31465

Japan GX160 Honda Gasoline Engine With Plunger Pump ID32510 ID32802

Capacitors Start Induction Motor

Eurox EJH3010 High Pressure Cleaner 130bar 1800w

( Free )Garden Pressure Hose Quick connectors (2pcs/set) ID443524/ ID223532

Eurox EJH1411 High Pressure Washer ID31319

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