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Contruction Equipment

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2000W Generator Carburetor with lever ID443764


7hp 178# Recoil Start Diesel Engine 19mm shaft ID999749

7hp YX178/YX186 Recoil Start Diesel Engine ID110101 ID220102

YX168 6.5HP 4-stroke Gasoline/Petrol Engine Only ID440104 ID330103

Toku TKTP-220 Thermoplastic Preheater

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Toku Road Marking Machine TRM-40

3T Concrete Mixer C/W Electric 1.5hp Electric Motor

3T Concrete Mixer C/W Diesel Air-cooled Engine 5.5HP

Free- 3T Concrete Mixer C/W Japan Robin EY20D Gasoline Engine 5.5HP ID31589

Toku TBS900M: Masonry Cutter, 36 Diamond Blade, Cutting Depth 370mm, Electric Motor: 10HP, 3phase,

Toku BC14: Manual Block Cutter, Cutting Width:380mm, Cutting Depth:100mm, 49kg ID229042

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Toku TKC450H: Asphalt & Concrete Cutter, Honda Petrol Engine GX390, 12HP, Cutting Depth:165mm, 132kg

Toku TKC600R: Asphalt & Concrete Cutter, Robin Petrol Engine EH65, 22HP, Cutting Depth:250mm, 180kg

TOKU TKCG14CC: Floor Concrete Grinder, Grinding Width:14, Diesel Engine:CC178, 6HP, 100kg

35 / 45 / 50mm 6M Concrete Vibrator Poker ID551765 ID772077 ID882078 ID992079

Diamond DBR-32HD Rebar Straightener 2000w PAGE2KR5000

Diamond Rebar Strainhtener 1050W, 32mm, 26kg, DBR-32WH PAGE2KR5000

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Diamond Rebar Cutter 1330w, 650N/mm2, 25mm, 22.5kg DC-25X PAGE2KR5000

DC-16W Diamond Rebar Cutter 1050w, 650 N/mm2, 16mm, 8kg DC-16W PAGE2KR5000

Diamond Rebar Cutter 1020w, 650N/mm, 13mm, 6kg DC-13LV PAGE2KR5000


Plate Compactor with 5hp Roben Petrol Engine ID32725

Concrete Grinder Blade only ID999099

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Tado Electrical Portable Concrete Vibrator With Steel Reinforced Shaft ID30548

2" 50mm Concrete Vibrator Poker ID992079 ID551765

Fuji LV-1 3/4" 45mm Concrete Vibrator Poker ID882078,ID669376

Electric Rebar Cutter RC-22 ID30314

Double liquid Injection Grouting machine ID32105

Fuji Concrete Cutter FCC150 / FCC200 c/w Honda GX390 Gasoline Engine / 1pc Diamond Blade ID32771

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Power Trowel FPT436 ID331723

Fuji Tamping Rammer

Fuji Bender & Cutter (Electric & Engine)

Vibtec Air Vibrator

Fiji Vibrator Motor / Engine & Submersible Pump

Prescott Diamond Core Drill 3500w ID119441

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