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Vacuum Cleaner

Benma BF585-3 Wet & Dry 3-Motor Industrial Vacuum 80L 3000W ID32518

FCD-1000 1000W Three-speed Adjustable Floor Blower ID32486 ID32536

FCD-300 300W Three-speed Adjustable Floor Blower ID32485 ID32535

FREE-Snow Wash Tank (Foam Cleaning Machine) 50L ID32214

30L Vacuum Machine Filter ID557325

Daewoo DAVC90-15L Dust & Water Vacuum Cleaners 15L 1200W ID31503

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Eurox Stainless Steel Snow Wash Tank ID31479

FreeGifts- Eurox VAC3003 30L Industrial Multifunctional Carpet Cleaner ID31685

Eurox VAC3002 Industrail Multifunctional Carpet Cleaner ID31637

Lavor Thor 3801IF High Pressure Cleaner ID31186

ITALY Lavor DVC30XT 30Litre Stainless steel Body Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner ID31182

Daewoo DAVC90-30L 30L Vacuum Cleaner 1200w ID30846

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FreeGifts- Europower VAC8003 Wet & Dry 3-Motor Industrial Vacuum 80L 3000W ID30716

FreeGifts- Europower VAC8002 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner 80L 2000w ID30625 ID33064

FreeGifts- Europower VAC5001 30L S.Steel Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner ID30624 ID32284 ID33067

Daewoo DAVC90-20L Vacuum Cleaner 20Liter 1250W ID30845

Quasa Vacuum Cleaner & High Pressure Cleaner(Comb) ID119561

Vacuum E-Motor 1250W 30LTS ID663226

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Cornell CVC-PH2000CH Vacuum Cleaner ID889248

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