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1" DR 6PT Impact Deep Socket

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1"  DR 6PT Impact Deep Socket  Hand Tools / Socket  Set  Hand Tools
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1'  DR 6PT Impact Deep Socket

22mm x 78mm 1' KR2804
24mm x 78mm 1' KR4484
26mm x 78mm 1' KR4388-yrs
27mm x 78mm 1' KR4489-yrs
29mm x 78mm 1' KR4490-yrs
30mm x 78mm 1' KR4491-yrs
32mm x 78mm 1' KR4485,KR4492yrs
35mm x 78mm 1' KR4486,KR4493yrs
36mm x 78mm 1' KR4494-yrs
38mm x 78mm 1' KR4487,KR4495-yrs
41mm x 78mm 1' KR5059   
42mm x 78mm 1' KR4529-at  
48mm x 78mm 1' KR4528-at
50mm x 78mm 1' KR4526-at
55mm x 78mm 1' KR4527-at
60mm x 78mm 1' KR4525-at

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