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1/2" 6PT x 77L Deep Socket

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1/2" 6PT x 77L Deep Socket  Hand Tools / Socket  Set  Hand Tools
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1/2' 6PT x 77L Deep Socket 
08mm  x77L KR271,KR5125-yr
09mm  x77L KR272  
10mmx77L KR5126-yr KR3927-kty 
11mmx77L KR4323
12mmx77L KR5127-yr KR4324
13mmx77L KR5128-yr KR3928-kty 
14mm x 77L KR5129-yr KR4325
15mm x77L  KR5130-yr KR273 
16mm x 77L KR5131-yr KR274 
17mm X77l  KR5132-yr KR3929kty, 
18mm x77L KR5133-yr KR275
19mm x77L KR5134-yr KR3930-kty,  
20mm x77L KR276  
21mm x 77L KR5135-yr KR4326
22mm x77L KR5136-yr KR277,KR3931-kty 
23mm x77L KR278  
24mm x 77L KR5137-yr KR4327
25mm x77L KR279  
26mm x77L KR280  
27mm x77L KR5138-yr KR281  
28mm x77L KR282  
29mm x77L KR283  
30mm x77L KR5139-yr KR284  
31mm x77L KR285  
32mm x77L KR5140-yr KR286 
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