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KING TOYO KTBS-75 Bearing Separator 50x75mm ID33164

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KING TOYO KTBS-75 Bearing Separator 50x75mm ID33164 King Toyo Hand Tools (Branded)
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KING TOYO KTBS-75 Bearing Separator 50x75mm ID33164

Designed for removing bearings where there is access behind the bearing
Edges of knife-like design allow removing hard-to-grip parts easily
Bearing Separator has wedge shaped edges for placing puller behind hard to reach bearings, gears, etc., where clearance prevents direct application of grip puller arms.
To use with:
The Bearing Separator should be used with the Cross Bearing Puller.
Bearing separator tools are used with bar puller and legs for a wide variety of pulling jobs.
Pull-out the bearing with the H-type beam and bolts.
Each bearing separator may be used separately or in a combination with a puller.
Applies even pressure for smooth bearing separation and removes gears from the shaft without damage.
Model: KTBS75 ( 50mm x 75mm / 2-1/4'' ~ 3-1/2'' )
Bolt: 12.7mm x L 135mm x 1/2'' x 20UNF
Body Thread: 3/8'' x 16 UNC
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