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16pcs Bearing Extractor Set ID667266 ID778847

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16pcs Bearing Extractor Set ID667266 ID778847 Engine / Undercarriage Series Garage (Workshop)  16pcs Bearing Extractor Set ID667266 ID778847 Engine / Undercarriage Series Garage (Workshop)
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16pcs Bearing Extractor Set ID667266 ID778847

Split collet type Blind / Internal /Bearing Puller
Collets are made from chrome molybdenum steel
Turn and they expand to grip the inner bearing race.
For removal of Pilot Bushes Bearings etc. form blind housings.
Comes within a blow moulded case.
Safety instructions
Ensure Health and Safety, local authority and general workshop practice regulations are adhered to when using tools
Do not use tools if damaged.
Maintain tools in good and clean condition for best and safest performance.
If the vehicle to be worked on is raised, ensure that it is adequately supported with axle stands or ramps and chocks.
Wear suitable clothing to avoid snagging. Do not wear loose jewellery and tie back long hair.
Account for all tools and parts being used.
If working off the vehicle, ensure that the workplace is secure and stable.
Do Not use this tools if you are tired or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or intoxicating medication.
IMPORTANT: always refer to the vehicle manufacturer’s service instructions, or a proprietary manual, to establish the current procedure and data. These instructions are provided as a guide only.
1PC 2 Jaw bearing puller.
1PC Slide hammer.
1PC Screw M10 x 1.5P.
1PC Screw M10 x 1.5P and M8 x 1.25P.
1PC Screw M10 x 1.5P and M6 x 1.0P.
10 PC Blind hole bearing puller 8mm – 11mm. 12mm – 17mm. 18mm – 23mm. 24mm – 29mm. 30mm – 34mm. 34mm – 38mm. 39mm – 43mm. 44mm – 48mm. 49mm – 53mm. 54mm 

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