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KGT Air Cond Flush Gun Kit ID34803

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KGT Air Cond Flush Gun Kit ID34803 Auto Air Conditioning Tools Garage (Workshop)  KGT Air Cond Flush Gun Kit ID34803 Auto Air Conditioning Tools Garage (Workshop)  KGT Air Cond Flush Gun Kit ID34803 Auto Air Conditioning Tools Garage (Workshop)  KGT Air Cond Flush Gun Kit ID34803 Auto Air Conditioning Tools Garage (Workshop)
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Air Cond Flush Gun Kit ID34803

Product name: Air-conditioning pipe cleaning bottle
Measuring range: 0-200psi
Capacity: 1000ml
Product weight: 950G
Product size: 16*9*35.5cm
Product material: high quality thick 304 stainless steel bottle body
Air pressure setting: the factory value is automatically deflated between 8-12 kg, adjustable
Scope of application: R12, R134a, R404 and R22 and other air-conditioning systems are applicable to cars, trucks, and trucks
Role: cleaning air-conditioning pipes
How to use: 
1. Prepare the air-conditioning system for disassembly in sections
2. Install the gun head, hose, joints and other accessories
3. Pour the cleaning agent into the bottle and tighten the cap
4. Connect the air inlet of the cleaning bottle to the air pump and turn on the air pump
5. Turn on the air pump and inflate about 8 kg into the cleaning bottle. (The product is equipped with a pressure relief valve, and the air pressure exceeds 12 kilograms and automatically exhausts)
6. Turn off the air pump. Press the tip of the gun to start cleaning
7. The evaporator box, condenser and pipeline need to be cleaned thoroughly. If the system is dirty, it is recommended to soak for more than 10 minutes after injecting cleaning agent
Packing list:
 1 x empty stainless steel tank,
 1 x 3.5 foot hose, 1 / 4 ''female connection and flushing gun with rubber cone nozzle
 1 x spare rubber tapered head
 1 x spare 1 / 4 ''NPT European air plug accessories
 1 x spare 1 / 4 ''SAE Brass Hose Adapter
 1 spare O-ring rubber seal

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