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Measuring Tools

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Measuring Tape ID34776 (3M) ID34777 (5M) ID34778 (7.5M)

Insize 4605-201 Long Feeler Gauge, Range 0.05-1.00mm, 20 pieces of Leaves K005

MOSTAZ MSR2000 5 Line Laser Leveling (Red line) J003 ID34351

INSIZE 4630-1 Taper Gage 0.5 -10mm K005

INSIZE 60mm Digital Level and Protractor - Model: 2170-1 K005

DEVON LL3XG (Green light) 3X Self Laser Leveler J001

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Insize 3220-100 Inside Micrometer 75-100mm ID33897

Insize 3400-25 Digital Outside Micrometers with Counter 0-25mm ID33882

Insize 2322-250A Bore Gauge 160~250mm x0.01mm

INSIZE 1108-300 DIGITAL CALIPER 300MM (12") ID669986

Insize 4602-13 Feeler Gauge 13pcs 0.05-1.00mm ID33438

Magnetic Arrow Welding Holder ID32412

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Digital Tire Wear Detection Measuring Tool ID32411

150mm Digital Caliper ID34231 ID35277

Disc Brake Pad Wear Thickness Test Tool ID31896

Bosch Laser Range Finder 30 Meters GLM30 ID30983

Bosch Laser Rangefinder 40meters GLM40 ID30984

Digital Bevel Box ID30781

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Digital Level Box ID30783

High Quality Mini Digital Protractor Angle Gauge ID30782

Cylinder Dial Bore Gauge Set(0-0.25") ID33764

Insize 1141-300A Digital Depth Gauge,300mm/12" IDB0091

Micrometer 0.01/ 50-75mm B0106

Micrometer 0.01/ 25-50mm B0105

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Micrometer 0-25mm B0104

Laser level(2Vertical laser/ 1 Horizontal laser/3 point) ID999909

INSIZE 1205-200S VERNIER CALIPER 200mm/8" ID30987

INSIZE 1205-2002S VERNIER CALIPER 200mm/8"

Insize 1141-200A Electronic Depth Caliper 200mm/ 8'' ID32897

Insize 1141-150 Electronic Depth Caliper 150mm/6''

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Insize DIAL INDICATOR 0-5MM 2311-5 ID228892

Insize 3109-25A Digital Outside Micrometer, 0-25mm/1 Inch ID448964

INSIZE 4780-85 Protractor, 0-180 Degree, Graduation 1 Degree ID448974

Aluminum Lever Ruler kit set (Rm32/5pcs)

Aluminum Lever Ruler (Rm25/4pcs)

Measuring Tape Kit Set(4pcs/1set)

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