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Metal Equipment

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Ring Only-18-1/4 in. Bead Roller Kit

Belt-Electric Band Saw Bin:S112

West Lake ZX7045 Milling & Drilling Machine ID33195

400mm Cutting Machine Wheel only ID223242

Yato YT82172BS 1500W Sliding Mitre Saw 185mm Circular Saw Blade ID33076

King Toyo KTBG-8 8" Bench Grinder 350W ID33032

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Xest Ling Drilling & Milling Machine 40mm,750W ZX-40PC ID33028

Xest Ling Z5050 Pillar Vertical Drilling & Tapping, Drilling Capacity:50mm ID32982


5156E 13mm 710W Mini Bench Drilling Machine ID32104

BG5166A 3/8'' 480W Mini Bench Drilling Machine ID32103

Display Unit- Y90S-4 Electric Motor (1.1KW /1.5HP) 3PH, 380v1400RPM 2.8A ID221782

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Humhon MD150A 6' Bench Grinder 375w 150mm ID32427

Stand only-For 305mm Slip Roll Machine ID31552

Heli 6"/150mm HL150A Bench Grinder375W ID32426

Heli HL200A Bench Grinder 8" 650W ID32297

Heli HL4116 Bench Drilling Machine ID32016

HELI HL150/50 250W Upright Belt Grinder Sander ID32057

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Heli HL4116B Bench Drilling Machine 550w 16mm ID32056

Single Phase Electric Motor ( JY / YC ) 32023PAGE2

JY7134 Electric Motor (0.55kw/3/4hp) 220V 1400rpm ID32023 (Suit for 16mm Bench Driller )

Industrial 3 inch Tube Cutter ID31978

Heli 375W 13mm Bench Drill Press Machine HL4113 ID31856

YC100L-4 Electric Motor (1.5kw/2.0hp) 220V 1450rpm ID777667

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YL90S-2 Electric Motor (1.5kw/2.0hp) 220V 3000rpm ID773487

Display Unit- YL90-4 Electric Motor (1.5kw/2.0hp) 220V 1500rpm ID992939

YL90L-4 Electric Motor (1.5kw/2.0hp) 220V 1500rpm ID113491

Display Unit- YL711-4 Electric Motor (0.25kw/1.3hp) 220V 1500rpm ID551795

Display Unit- YL712-2 Electric Motor (0.55kw/3/4hp) 220V 3000rpm ID001790

Display Unit- Y132S-4 Electric Motor (5.5kw/7.5hp) 380V 1500rpm ID771787

RM 220.00Out of StockView DetailsRM 170.00Out of StockView DetailsRM 280.00Out of StockView DetailsRM 89.00View DetailsAdd to CartRM 89.00Out of StockView DetailsRM 560.00View DetailsAdd to Cart

Y100L2-4 Electric Motor (3.0kw/4.0hp) 380V 1500rpm ID551785

Y100L1-4 Electric Motor (2.2kw/3.0hp) 380V 1500rpm ID441784

Y132S2-2 Electric Motor (7.5kw/10hp) 380V 3000rpm ID991779

Y132S1-2 Electric Motor (5.5kw/7.5hp) 380V 3000rpm ID881778

Display Unit- Y90S-2 Electric Motor (1.5kw/2.0hp) 380V 3000rpm ID441774

Display Unit- Y80M2-2 Electric Motor (1.1kw/1.5hp) 380V 3000rpm ID331773

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1 - 36 of 250

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